Favorite Vacation

I don’t normally go on vavation. i havent had an actual one in a long time. But when i was younger, me and my family would go to West Virgina all the time. And i liked it there, we use to go camping, hiking, go to the malls. Just a bunch of stuff. We would go for weeks, pratically months. And then at one piont we wee looking for houses to move there, but that never happend. haha but yeah that would have to be my favorite vacation.

Fantasy Vacation

i gues if i would have to go anywhere right now for a vacation, i think it would probably be Vineland, New Jersey. One of my best friends has moved there. And i didnt even get a chance to say good bye when she left. it would great if i could go down there and see here. not only jus for her but i have always wanted to go there, before she even moved there. she just makes it more fun. haha, but just the city life, and all the craziness that goes on there sounds fun to me.

Week Challenge 10

For the #1. Next time they do this i think it really wouldnt matter what we bloged about. jus as long as there was a challenge. it is so much easier when you know what to write about.  Uhm, i think that a couple of cool things to blog about would be stuff like news & with music, that intresrt us young bloggers.

And for the #2. Uhm i guess i would probably ask some questions like wat do they do for hobbies. and how the weather is. and just a lil bit of stuff like that.

Halloween Weekend

This weekend was really fun. i started off as me goin trick r treatin wit amanda and lori and lori’s 2 kids. Then later on that night amanda and lori got into this huge argument about a drink. and it jus went on and on til the next day, so me and amanda packed all her stuff and left then we went to a party and then on saterday we went to the parade and then later on that night we left to go to kennnywood, suchh a long drive. but it was worth it. i had so much fun there… haha uhmmm idk.

What I’ve Learned…

»I have learned from visiting other peoples blogs that they really get into it, and its neat. this one time i read a big long post about overweight babies! it was crazy. i can not remember the persons page i was on or i would tell you. and not only can you read things that your interested in but you’re also learning some cool stuff while having a lil bit of fun, i guess. Another reason would be to see what types of wigdet you could possibly get.

Climate Change..

Honestly, Global Warming doesnt bother me that much, and maybe thats because i dont notice it, or hear about ti all the time. But….

Each decade the temperatures rise 1.3 degrees higher. This changes a lot of things, like with the wildlife and other things like that.  There are a lot more storms now days, the oceans are rising, they expect heat waves… its just all so crazy how this is happening. the climate is changing everyday.  I live in Northern Pennsylvania and some Christmas’s their hasn’t even been any snow. =[ i do believe in global warming and i think it effects us a lot.  The green house effect has a lot to do with all of this.

this is a cool site for more information… http://www.breathingearth.net/

And to check out my quiz go here! http://www.mystudiyo.com/ch/a96559/go/global_warming